Unable to boot into vista


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First I think I have to give what exactly I did.
1 vista is main os, came with the computer
2 I installed xp to a different partition
3 no longer can boot into vista, no option to boot into it
4 install easybcd and whenever i reboot it instantly goes into xp with no dual boot option
5 install plop boot manger
6 force it into booting into vista
7 get an error saying there is not bootmgr
8 am still unable to boot into vista after installing xp

(ps. vista partiton still there, shows up in the easybcd app but not after I restart, also vista shows up in ireboot but just loads xp when i click on vista)

is there anything I can do?
vista had no problems before I installed xp, I need vista because I had programs on there that i need

if anyone could help, or tell me how i messed it up that would be great