Unable to configure Vista Service Pack 2


I've tried around a dozen times to install the service pack 2 for vista 32bit.
It downloads and installs fine, with a succeeded confirmation in Windows Update, and then when I go for the restart button; The configuring part fails, and says it will retry on start up, but it never completes, and reverts back before any changes.

I've tried with Easy BCD 1.7.3, and also Easy BCD Beta 2 - which sets both my of my operating systems partions to the drive letter C:, changing this to D: for XP, makes it fail to load up; with the familar Repairing details.

I am also new to using Easy BCD, I know how to set drive letters, change the names of partions, and which OS is the default.

If you know of a solution would be fantastic news; funny how SP1 went fine and dandy! :grinning:

Cheers and thanks for your time,
Hi Clyde, welcome to NST.
What exactly has EasyBCD (either version) got to do with your SP2 problem ?

EasyBCD is just a tool for manipulating the Vista BCD. It has absolutely no role to play in Windows Update, and why are you changing system letters anyway ?

An SP2 Windows Update Failure has nothing to do with dual-booting, although SP2 does replace the Vista bootmgr in stage 3 of 3 after the reboot, so if you've done something peculiar to prevent Vista locating its own boot manager, that might cause it a problem.

Can you give a bit more detail about why you're playing with the BCD because SP2 failed ?
Clyde, please download the full sp2 package and try that. If its still not working:

Open a elevated command prompt (Right-click "cmd" and select "Run As Administrator" after you've typed that up in the search box of the start menu). Then use:

sfc /scannow

This well check the system files for corruption and attempt to replace any that are damaged. If that's unsuccessful, you should try a full chkdsk on your windows drive:

chkdsk c: /r

Try sfc again. If its still reporting it found corrupted system files but was unable to repair them and niether the reduced WU offering nor the full package of SP2 are working you well need to backup your files and do a clean installation of Windows, applying all updates including SP2 after finishing the installation.