Unable to do a full System Recovery


I am new to the site so hope I am in the correct topic thread.

I read several topics for a few hours that I thought would help my problem but seemed to just give me a better insight on what I am attempting to do.

OS: Windows Vista

My laptop (sisters really) stopped operating correctly so I figured to do a complete restore to factory settings. I was able to start in safe mode and start the process. As it finished one step the next was to install the pre installed software. I was letting it do its thing when I noticed the laptop shut down. Upon restarting it I received the following error. (See image below), I then attempted running it on safe mode but no luck (safe mode was unable to run due to the installation needing to be done on regular mode). After reading on the forum and downloading the repair disk from one of forum threads I realized I had no clue on which I should download (the 32bit or the 64bit) so I downloaded both. I think I downloaded them correctly with the steps aligned on the page and the laptop was reading them as I would pres F8 but it would go to a black screen with the white text asking for a [DR-DOS] A:\> (following by a blinking curser-see image below)....Both disks did the same so not sure if I should stick to the first problem with the windows installation problem or by pass it and keep trying the disks.


Seems I am completely lost and not sure what to do next. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I'm sorry you said that.
I have a list of links for recovery instructions of several OEMs and
used to be a good one, freely accessible.
Unfortunately Sony have redirected the link to a generic site, where information is completely inaccessible to non-owners, so I can't even find what the boot-time hot key is for accessing the recovery partition.
You'll need to trawl around yourself.
Incidentally your model number was unrecognized, possibly because it's the European hub, and that model isn't available here. I also tried the US site (which didn't wan't to let me in because of my UK IP), but the model number was unknown there too.
You'll need to start in your own country site and take it from there.