Unable to dual boot to Ubuntu 11.04 along Windows 7


The Story goes like this...

My Windows 7 was working well and fine until i found Ubuntu 11.04 in a magazine DVD, and then without looking i installed Ubuntu in D: drive giving it 30 GB of space. Later on, it stopping booting to Windows but was booting only to Ubuntu. I tried all the ways to fix the bug but to no avail, so after a week i finally reinstalled windows 7 back on C: drive overwriting the old OS.

Now my problem i am not able to dual boot Ubuntu OS which is present in D: drive. Even after adding the entry into the EasyBCD.

Could anybody assist me in this regard.:glare:
Yes, i used the grub2 option, and then my system ran into trouble. Then i repaired windows startup, and then i got inside windows!!

Please suggest the proper method.
I selected Grub2 type under Linux Operating System, but below below that Device option was disabled(it was displaying "automatically configured").

And then i booted the system later i faced the problem with windows startup as well. It was neither going to Windows nor to Linux.

This was the problem i faced!
It's really, really hard to help when you're not being descriptive enough.

"i faced the problem with windows startup as well."

What does that mean?