Unable to find any viable windows partition on this computer

I'm sorry in advance if this isnt ment for this forum i'm not sure.
Hey lately i've got interested in linux so i decided to install one on my machine alongside windows 7.
But at one point i confused the instructions of two guides and thought i need to use EasyBCD to make a partition for linux.
First i added an entry for linux then i started messing in the BCDdeplayment with create booteble external media and i think saved the bcd(cant be more specific then that dont remember it correctly). Beining oblivius to the damaged i have caused i saved the settings and restarted my pc and as i was closing it a window popped up asking if i want to defrag my disk or something and my pc shut down.
When i tryed to load back into windows i was greeted by and error saying "Windows failed to start insert your windows installation.." and so on info:"The windows boot configuration data does not contain a valid OS entry."
So after doing some digging i ran your EasyRC on an usb, but when i try to run automated repair i get an error saying "Unable to find any viable windows partition on this computer...". I also tried using the testdisk command but the only storage device displayed is my usb, on top of that no bootrec commands seem to work always saying command not found. So i'm basicly out of ideas any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.


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Glad you're OK now :wink: If you want to post how you fixed it exactly it would help anyone reading this in future.