Unable to find valid windows partitions

I just downloaded and ran Windows recovery essentials for a Windows 7 machine. When I select the automated repair button i get the message "Unable to find valid windows partitions on this computer ..." . I know that there are valid partitions. I beleive that some of the data is corrupt and thats what i am trying to repair. If i run the partition editor i gat the type of response "No devices detected".
Unsure of what to do.


I am also wondering if anyone has ever had any luck using this utility with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit?


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If neither the automated repair software nor the partition editor are able to detect your hard drive, it sounds like you may have hardware damage. If you're lucky, you may have a loose cable or something similar. If you're not, your hard drive or your hard drive controller (in/on the motherboard) is damaged.

The software is 100% compatible with 64-bit Windows.


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As well as checking the connection of your HDD (does it show in the BIOS?), try disconnecting any other HDDs while you attempt a repair, especially if you have any old IDE drives on the PC.