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Hi and apologies if any of this is too straightforward or obvious, extremely new to this application and struggling, hopefully basic error somewhere on my part.

I have a Lenovo T440s, i7 8Gb machine running Win7 64bit which after a hardware repair windows failed to boot. EasyBCD/EasyRE were recommended to try and repair this problem, so purchased the EasyRE pro for Windows 7, downloaded the iso, downloaded EasyBCD and followed the instructions to create bootable USB (.
When trying to boot from the newly created USB I get an error from Windows boot manager as follows..

Windows failed to start
File \boot\bcd
Status 0xc0000098
Info The windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid OS entry

I have tried re-formatting the USB key (fat32) and stepping through the entire process again but get the same problem.

Am I missing something, does anyone have any advice on what I might be missing here just to get started.



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EasyBCD is of no use to you in a single boot scenario and can't be used to repair Windows anyway, only the boot sector in a dual-boot setup. If EasyRE isn't helping then you have to email them for support or refund.

See: Send EasyRE support requests to EasyRE@NeoSmart.net
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