unable to get vista running with neosmart boot disk


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Vista working fine for 1 year, websearch was partially downloaded to my computer and started giving me errors; decided to restore computer to previuos days and stop working long time. Now nothing happens. Downloaded Vista boot disk in another computer and my crashed computer starting to run and saw like a screen saver with windows vista logo for hours, but that is all.
After 12 hours the hard disk occasionally makes small working noises. Please help me I know yuo are a lot of experts good willing people. Thanks a lot.
Hi Jack, welcome to NST.
Did you click on "Install" from the recovery disk ?
It doesn't contain any installation files and cannot be used for a fresh Vista Install.
It's provided for users with Vista pre-installed on a PC with a recovery partition, who don't have a bootable disk for repair purposes.
See the instructions on how to repair your boot where you'll see the "repair my computer" at the bottom of the screen. Select that and you'll have the ability to repair the startup, or restore to an earlier point from the next screen.


If you know all this, and you've tried restoring to a Vista restore point from the recovery disk, did you go back far enough ?
Vista tends to default to restoring from the latest point it has, which could be only minutes old. Try selecting your own point, with a timestamp from before you started experiencing problems.
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