Unable to install windows xp from bootable cd


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My System Was Shipped With Windows Vista Business 64 But My Sas Software Requires Windows Xp 64.

I Have Been Able To Install Windows Vista And Windows 7 Without Any Problems, But When I Attempt To Install Windows Xp From The Cd, The Installation Process Fails After The Setup Files Have Been Loaded Into Memory And I Get An Error Message Stating That Windows Has Been Turned Off To Protect My Computer And That I Should Run Chkdsk Or Check For Viruses. This Is Nonsense As I Am Able To Install Vista Or Windows 7 Without Any Problem ( Vista And Windows 7 Use A Different Boot System To Windows Xp Which Uses The Bios )

I Have Formatted The Hard Disk And I Have Created A New Partition And Then Formatted That In Order To Remove Windows 7 But I Cannot Install Windows Xp From The Cd.
Please Tell Me What I Have To Do In Order To Install Windows Xp.
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