Unable to locate partition


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I ran the recovery cd, but it get the following messages.

"unable to locate active partition on startup disk 0"

"unable to find suitable target partition to make active on startup disk 0"

I'm able to use the backup feature and view all of my files on the cpu.

How can I overcome the partition issue?

Mak 2.0

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Technical Support

If you're having problems downloading your recovery CD, the following links should prove helpful:
•Repairing the Bootloader: A guide to booting into and using the Windows repair CDs, with instructions on how to repair many problems.
•Free Download Manager: Use this if you're experiencing problems with incomplete downloads, download timeouts, or download corruption.
•Guide to burning CDs: Follow the instructions here to convert the ISO image you download from here into a bootable CD that can be used to repair your PC.

If you're still having problems downloading, burning, or booting, you should send an email to support@systemdiscs.com.
I would send an email to the listed address and see what they say.


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Emailed Tech Support twenty times and no response. No emails in SPAM folder - already checked. Just dead silence.


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I've alerted the owner.