Unable to move BCD entry


Hi to all members, this is my 1st post to this very interesting forum.

I have a dual boot W7 (on C: drive ) and Vista (on D: drive). My PC is currently booting from D: (vista one).
I want to remove Vista, so I use the function Change boot drive of EasyBCD (version .
EasyBCD told me that the operation ended successfully.

I changed the boot order in the BIOS to the W7 disk, but was unable to boot from it.
Fortunately, I can still boot from the vista drive (and this disk continues to have the system status in windows disk management).
Both partitions C: and D. are active.

Is there something else to do ?
Or may the problem occurs because my drives C: and D: are both in RAID 1 configuration ?

Thank tou for your help
Thanks Justin,
I tried repair with W7 DVD as described in the proposed procedure (i had downloaded it before trying to use EasyBCD in case i encountered a problem)
But Windows 7 told me that there is nothing to repair.