Understanding MP11 In Vista


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just wondering if anyone might know the reason why a driver would recognize all the speakers but the device that it is driving (MP11) refuses to use the configuration of the driver?
not necesarily talking about Vista but in general if this would happen on any other system, what may be a cause of the problem. (keeping in mind that device manager says the driver is up to date and functioning properly-- and the test tones confirm this, or a test if it were for some other device)
OK, bear with me here:

You can use your sound card in Windows Vista and other applications, and it works great.
In Windows Media Player 11, you have absoloutely no sound?

And you want that fixed?
OK, sorry i guess asking for help so many times might make one think that is all some one wants.

no im not looking for help. im just simply trying to understand what would make an application not perform correctly when it has the appropriate driver and that driver works.

in Vista's Media Player 11 the driver from Realtek is configured correctly, when i test my speakers for 5.1 sound i get a test tone to ALL speakers. however when i start Media Payer 11 i only get 2.1 sound.

i am just simply trying to understand what may cause this, is it just that the app and the driver are not talking to eachother correctly or is it something more involved as its the kernel that still has issues; or maybe its just HAL that its not complete.

im just looking to get a better understanding thats all. just a discussion, nothing more.
I'm sorry, my bad.
I didn't realize this was in the Water Cooler... hectic time.

My first bet would be that the app isn't properly using the Windows Vista sound API, esp. since htat's been complelty overhauled recently.

Another option is that Windows Vista (with your current drivers or just as-is ATM) doesn't have real 5.1 sound. Maybe it just sees your speakers as being there but it doesn\t do anyhting with them until you explicitly tell it to send sound to all speakers, I dunno..

You're on RC1?
If this still happens by next build it's defintely the drivers, beacuse I can't imagine Windows Vista going this far along and not having real 5.1 surround sound support for Windows Media Player.. but then again, this is Windows....

When you play games or use a different app (like Call of Duty 2 or PowerDVD) that support 5.1 sound, does it work from there?

That's how you'd pin down the source of the problem, whether it be Vista, WMP, or your drivers.. Just keep experimenting, I'd be very interested in finding out the cause... and I'm sure others would find it very useful to know as well.. and Microssft can be told too.

Good luck my friend!