Undo bios upgrade??


Have a Toshiba P300-SE308C, bought may 2008.
Went to Toshiba site yesterday to see if there were any upgrades. They had about 7 of them, which I downloaded and installed OK. The last of the updates I installed was a BIOS upgrade, from V2.70 to V 3.90. Followed instructions exactly. When computer automatically restarted it did so in SAFE Mode. Did Repair options, i.e. Repair to last good configuration; Start up repair; F12 Set up, reset to default settings.
Still starts in SAFE MODE. Any one have any ideas

Windows repair options don't touch the BIOS. Typical BIOS upgrade utils include the ability to save off the current BIOS to a file or to an external device (diskette, USB). I'm guessing you did NOT do that or you would not be asking how to get it back.

Some systems have dual-BIOS feature which will allow you to select the other BIOS. You would have to check your computer documentation to see if you have that.

Otherwise, the only option is to download the older BIOS and flash that.
Before i flashed it asked to replace, or to save old bios and replace.
I choose the latter, and it showed the name of the file where the old bios was saved. Cant remember the file name though, should have written it down.@#$%^&*(


OK, ran the bios upgrade again, but did not flash it as I just wanted to find the back up file name.
On system search found back up file, new file and flash text doc. Back up file did not open, choose 'let windows find file to open with on net'. did not show, but some suggestions were to just rename file by taken ext (bak)off. not sure, i'll keep puddling around
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Hi problem, welcome to NST.

The BIOS really has nothing to do with whether or not Windows starts in safe mode. So long as your computer starts up at all, then something else is the problem.


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OK thanks, but if that is the case, why do I still start in SAFE, after I restored to a previous restore point before i did the update.
It may automatically boot in safe mode, but before it loads it'll show a message asking you which mode to boot into (even if only for a matter of seconds).
No sorry, nut never asks me anything.
But thanks for your remark "what happens if you try to boot in normal mode".:tongueout:
Made me think about system settings.
Somehow when I installed the updates the settings must have been changed.:??
They were set for selective start up and minimal boot settings.
Changed settings and now I am up and running.
Just have to install the updates again.
The updated bios is still in there, so thats OK.
Thanks Guru for the reply.
Yeah msconfig :smile:

But why the boot settings were changed. I don't think an update could be causing that...
Yep, wonder about that too. now that everything is fine, i went back into msconfig and under General tab again Selective startup is check marked plus load system services and load startup items. Going to the Boot tab nothing is check marked(which is OK). Now when i go back to General tab and uncheck Selective startup and check Normal start up, click apply then go back to Boot tab, again under boot options, Safe boot is checkmarked plus Minimal.Undo these check marks, go back to General tab and again Selective start up is checked(all by it self)
Even though all that computer starts in Normal mode.
So realy cant figure why before it only kept starting in Safe mode.
Not gonna worry about anymore
Well, if it changes any more by itself, you may want to run a few malware scans to make sure you're not infected, and that's not what's causing it...:wink:

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