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Last night the servers ran out of free space due to an overflow of backups (better than a shortage!), corrupting the virtual machine state files. We had ~6 hours of downtime as a result.

Unfortunately, I was forced to restore a backup from around 12 hours ago to get things going. Any posts made in the past 12 or so hours here in the forums or comments on the blog have been lost.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
We've moved to a new server until the issues with the old one can be resolved. Sincerest apologies for the data being lost over the past 24 hours.
can't upload images

I lost my post too and now I'm trying to repost, but having problems uploading some necessary images. I'm trying to upload 2 gifs that i previously uploaded, but I get this error message "This is not a valid image file." One file is 72kb and the other 151kb. I re-saved them as png files and tried uploading, but get the same error message. Since these files were uploaded before with no issues, could this be related to the problem with the servers?

Right now, I am in the middle of a big boot problem and was awaiting a response when my post was lost. Now I can't repost without the images. Let me know if there is anything I can do to upload the images. Thanks.



I uploaded the images as doc files, but I would like to know if the server issues could be the source of the uploading problems.

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Test upload


OK, fixed :smile:



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If you can see this post, you've successfully made it over to the new NeoSmart server.

The entire server should be much, much faster than before :smile:
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