unexpected error - 2 x vista 32 sp1 partitions, deleted entries


hi - i need some advice on how best to recover an issue i caused myself...

  1. I had a machine with a brand new hard disk, which i split into three primary partitions
  2. i installed vista sp1 to the fist partition and the 2nd partition, so i had to separate instances of vista on the disk
  3. i then installed easybcd onto the instance of vista on the second partition. the software recognised two entries, both named Microsoft Windows Vista
  4. i wanted an quick visual way to distinguish between each instance of vista, so i then
    1. went into easybcd and created two new entries, the fist pointed to the C: partitoin i named it Vista - 1. The second new entry i pointed to the d: partition and named it Vista - 2.
    2. I then deleted both orginal entries in easybcd that were named Microsoft Windows Vista
    3. I rebooted the machine
  5. Im now presented with a message 'unexpected error' and asked to use the recovery disk
please can you advise how i best resolve this issue, at what I have done wrong so i do not do it again!

Hi pdyford, welcome to NST.

EasyBCD has the ability to rename existing entries from the "change settings" page - that would have saved you a boatload of trouble!!

Can you provide the full contents of that error message?
Use your vista dvd, and do startup repair on each if the first time doesn't work to fix both entries. The current ones will either be renamed or new working entries will be added. Use EasyBCD to delete extra entries after or change the descriptions (names) of the entries under "change settings".

All - Thanks for your input. I downloaded the recovery disk from the wiki torrent, burned to cd and booted from the cd. I ran the vista repair tool and within 60seconds the issue was repaired and i was successfully booted into vista to post this reply.