unhandled exception


when I start bcd I get unhandled exception microsoft.net framework configuration system failed to intialize. wehn I click continue the program starts but evertime I click on show setting I get the same exception. It worked fine the first time I used it. Setting up xp on d drive. But now I can't do anything.
microsoft net & unhandled exception

I went to microsoft and downloaded it but when I went to install it it said I had it already installed. I was able to run bcd a couple of times with no problem then all of a sudden when I got to run it I get the exception error, and if I choose to ignore it I get the interface with nothing working. Oh and I am running vista home premium and have xp on a separate hard drive.
I have version 1.7.2 I am installing it in vista home prememium. It was or is installed and ran just fine until the 3rd time I went to open it and that is when I starting experiencing the exception. I can run bcd and it seems all the choices on the interface work but when I go to view setting I get the unhandled exception and also when I first open the program. I uninstalled reinstalled with no difference.
So it is just EasyBCD. Send Computer Guru a PM asking for a build of the recent Beta of EasyBCD 2.0 with a agreement not to share the build. Maybe that will resolve your problems.
Looks like the configuration files used by the .NET Framework to keep track of applications have been corrupted.

Delete this folder on your PC:

be sure to replace "USERNAME" with your username.