hi all, i need to repair windows 7 by using the instillation disc to use the recovery file options,so do i need to uninstall kubuntu?, the grub2 is what i get when the pc boots up and gives me the choice of windows or kubuntu, do i uninstall kubuntu with the grub menu? so i can boot with windows 7 as normal, the kubuntu is on 1 drive. windows 7 is on another(2 drives) i need to boot into the instlation disc to repair windows files(not a reinstall of windows 7). so i need advice on how to do this if anyone can help please
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Just boot into Windows, download and run EasyBCD, go to MBR Setup, and select "Install Vista/7 MBR"
thanks for your reply will try this and post back will that mean i wont be able to boot into kubuntu any more? i would like to keep kubuntu on its drive and have the choice to boot into it still but without the grub 2 sorry if i am confusing things
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OK, then follow my instructions and then go to "Add New Entry" in EasyBCD and select "Linux -> GRUB2 + GRUB is not installed to the MBR"
After you've put W7 back in control of the boot as described by CG, you can add a Linux entry to the BCD with EasyBCD "add new entry".
Select grub2 from the Linux tab and Easy should locate and configure it for you.
thanks for the help guys right before i do it i do this first go to MBR Setup, and select "Install Vista/7 MBR
then i reboot?
then i Add New Entry in EasyBCD and select Linux -> GRUB2 + GRUB is not installed to the MBR
Bootloader Setup > Install Vista/7 Bootloader > Write MBR
Add new entry > Linux Tab > Grub2 dropdown (No "grub isn't ...." tick needed for grub2)
i have fixed it with out easy bcd its best i think to install linux distros on separate drives and unplug the others before hand saves all the hassle but thanks guys for your help:smile:
yes its ok i just choose what drive to boot from myself after the bios kicks in, i don't no why EASY BCD did not work for me but its a great program in all the feedback i have read, duel booting can be ok with grub 2 (it is better than the old grub) but it can become a problem if you need to boot into windows as normal as i had found and needed to use the recovery disk to reset some settings in windows 7 thanks again guys :smile: