uninstall easybcd in Windows 7


I have been using easybcd for a couple of years with no problems. I run 3 sata drives with win7,xp and vista. After moving to win7, I lost the ability to access win xp. I think easybcd is confused and would like to remove it, however, I can only uninstall from vista according to my menu selections. Is the vista selection the correct choice, even though I am running win7?
EasyBCD is not the bootloader.
It's just a tool for configuring the bootloader.
Presumably, you are booting from W7, and you haven't configured the W7 BCD to dual-boot XP, the way you previously did with Vista.
You don't need to uninstall EasyBCD from Vista, you need to get the latest release of EasyBCD 2.0,
install it on W7 and add an XP entry to the W7 BCD. Let EasyBCD 2.0 auto-configure the XP boot when it offers. It will do all of the necessary additional tasks for you, as well as creating the BCD entry.