Uninstall EasyBCD


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Hi all--

I recently installed Windows 7(overwriting my Vista install) without uninstalling EasyBCD first.

Now, whenever I boot, I get a bootscreen that has only one OS on it, Windows 7. I tried using the uninstall from the windows.old folder and it uninstalled it from the windows.old folder, but not from the computer.

Any ideas on how to uninstall EasyBCD from my computer?

Hi Fuentes, welcome to NST.
EasyBCD is not the bootmanager, it's just an app to make it easier for you to edit the contents of the BCD without the need to learn all the command line syntax of MS BCDedit.
Why did you have EasyBCD on Vista anyway ? Were you dual-booting it with other system(s) ?
Is that your problem, you no longer see the other systems in your menu ?
Or is the problem that you don't expect to see a menu at all ?
If you clean installed W7 into the space previously occupied by Vista, then EasyBCD is long gone, along with all the other apps which were installed.
If you upgraded Vista to W7, then EasyBCD will still be installed, and can be uninstalled by the normal means through W7 control panel / programs.
Bear in mind, it's just an app which is only active while you run it, and just does what you ask.
The boot menu you see is produced by the MS bootmgr. EasyBCD takes absolutely no part in booting the system, it just enables you to manage the software that does that job more easily.
Can you please be more specific about exactly what problem you have ?