Uninstall IE on Vista

I need to uninstall IE on a pc that has Vista as the OS, In XP I would go into Control Panel, Add/Remove then Add/Remove Windows Componets, I can't find Add/Remove windows componets in Vista, am I not looking in the right place?

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You can't uninstall Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista, it's part of the operating system and cannot be removed.

However, installing another browser such as Opera or Firefox will automatically de-activate Internet Explorer from running.
Thanks CG for the quick response, the reason I wanted to remove IE is so that the end user of the pc could not access the internet, if I install FF or Opera they would still have access to the internet.
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^ vista has "Parental Controls" which you can set different user accounts settings, in there should be something dealing with the internet.

Hello jerseygirl ^_^

i hope that helps, it in the Control Panel, im not on Vista ATM so im sorry i cant walk you through the step, i assume its straight forward