uninstall IE7 vista


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Please, how can I uninstall IE7, it came on my PC with vista. It crashes every time I try to go on line, it's of no use. Also before it just crashes, a box would always pop-up and said, "Script error, and no matter what I did it would not go away; I'd have to shut my computer down and start all over. So know I just use Mozilla.
One last thing I have a magic jack, but when I try to install it Internet Explorer will not let me.
Can you please help me?

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Hi Slimgoodie, welcome to NST.
Sounds like your Vista needs fixing. IE7 doesn't crash when connecting to the web as a matter of course, so yours is obviously broken.
If this has just started happening, try restoring Vista to a point before it started.
If it's always been like that since you got the PC, did you buy it new ? If so take it back under guarantee.
If someone sold it to you second hand and broken, your best bet is to follow the handbook instructions to do a factory reset and start with a freshly recovered system.
IE7 is bundled with Vista and can't be uninstalled.
If it's the only problem with your system, you can safely ignore it and use any one of the many other browsers available free. Just change your default browser to your alternative choice and forget all about it.
I had this problem on a XP machine before. A restore point fixed it. Upgrading to IE8 might fix the misconfiguration you're having with IE7 as well. Then if you don't like IE8 you can uninstall it to downgrade and hope that IE7 well work. Worth the try if the other options do not apply to you.