"Uninstall Vista Bootloader"


I had a need to uninstall Win7 and keep my XP, but the Win7 option comes up when booting - it was installed to a second drive. I've read in posts that you can easily "Uninstall Vista Bootloader", but I cannot locate that in EasyBCD. I tried to select to skip the boot menu, since I set "Earlier Version of Windows" as the default, but that didn't seem to do much. Where could I find this? Or is there a different option for doing this?
Thanks! TC
Okay. That doesn't seem to do much - I had already tried fixmbr. The drive that had the attempted Win7 install is out of the PC, which I'm guessing the problem is. I do have a clone of the XP install before the Win7, so at this point I think it may be easier to boot up the clone and try copying the boot info over.
Either try that or live with the Win7 option popping up for 3 seconds...