Hello everyone.
Not sure if this is the right place for my question but if you would please bear with me.
My son has left with me a desktop with x.p. and win7 in dual boot with BCD.What i would like to know is how can i revert just to the x.p.
by getting rid of the win7.From what i have seen on the posts i can
1.Run EasyBCD
2.Click on BCD Deployment
3.Look in the MBR Configuration options section
4.Check Install the Windows XP Bootloader to MBR
5.Click to Write MBR

i then take it that it should load x.p. and then i can just delete the win 7 folders etc?
If not would someone be kind enough to tell me how to do it in simple terms as I have not at all any idea at all how to go about it.
Many thanks in advance
Hi Trudy, you seem to have got the idea of how to do what you want, but why ?
W7's a much nicer OS than XP, and unless the PC is underpowered, or you have some old XP-only apps which you are dependent on, you'd probably be better off keeping W7 and ditching XP.
It won't get full support for much longer, and it takes a relative age, booting and shutting down compared to W7.
If you don't want to be bothered with it but are not short of space, you can just make XP default and timeout = 1 and W7 will be virtually invisible, but if you actually junk it, you're throwing away £200 of OS in favour of an antique.
btw I run W7 x64 as my main OS (with W8,Vista and XP) and it's quite happy running my 15 year old Lotus Smartsuite, bought with Windows 95, despite all warnings to the contrary.
Hello Terry60,
very many thanks for your reply.
As you sugest the p.c i think is underpowered, from what i can gather it has a 2 gb ram and a 1.6 processor which seems alright for the xp but
tends to take ages for the the windows 7 to do anything.You say i can just make XP the default and --timeout = 1 and W7 will be virtually invisible.
Would you be able to tell me how as i know next to nothing about computers let alone the ins and outs of BCD.Also i never new windows 7 was so expensive.I therefore take it to delete xp i just change
the original to Check Install the Windows XP Bootloader to MBR.
Many thanks for your time and i will await your answer.
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You don't need to change back to the XP bootloader, you can let the W7 bootloader continue to boot XP for you.
Just start EasyBCD, go to "edit menu", tick XP as your default choice, and reduce the timeout wait time (or tick the skip boot menu box if you don't even want to see the boot menu for a second as it boots XP.)