uninstalling Easy BCD

EasyBCD is not the boot manager.
It has absolutely no effect on the way your system boot or runs.
It's just an app that does what you ask it to do to the BCD when you run it.
You can uninstall it like any other app. Nothing will change.
Your Vista is already "normal".
thanks Terry... just wanted to be sure that all would be "normal" before I went ahead and uninstalled it from the VISTA OS.

FWIF gonna install it on the W7 OS and see if I have more success with the dual boot that way.
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You don't need to uninstall it.
It's just a tool in your toolbox, like notepad. If you ever need it, you'll have to install it again.
The only time you ever need to uninstall apps from your system is if you're running short of space, (not much of a consideration in the days of Tb HDDs), or you're never going to use it again.
just so I am clear...

Having set up EasyBCD to have 2 entries in the boot menu...

IF I uninstall EasyBCD then theses entries will... be gone?? remain??
EasyBCD is just a tool for organizing the contents of the BCD.
It's not responsible for what's in there. You are when you use it.
Entries remain there until you chose to delete them.

If you put up shelves, they don't fall down because you threw your screwdriver in the bin.