Uninstalling Fedora, not sure if I'm doing it right.


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I'm attempting to delete my first Linux partition, and I'd really appreciate if someone can verify that I'm doing this correctly.

I'm quad booted with Vista, 7, and Mint 4 Win (which is sort of a virtual install of Linux Mint, similar to Ubuntu's Wubi) and recently added Fedora 11, which is the first time I ever installed Linux in my hard drive

I attempted to install Compiz, but it completely corrupted my Fedora install (I'm not the only one, I found others with the same problem, no solutions) and can no longer load any of the kernels.

Fedora's bootloader is still fine. It loads first, then I have to choose "other" from the menu, which then leads me to the Vista boot screen where I can get into Vista, 7, or Mint.

So if I want to uninstall Fedora, all I have to do is delete the Fedora partition (I'm using Easus Partition Manager),then choose Manage Bootloader>Reinstall the Vista Bootloader in easyBCD?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Jo, welcome to NST.
I'd reinstall the Vista bootloader from whichever of your longhorn systems contains the BCD before getting rid of Fedora, otherwise you'll lose the ability to boot the system and need to do a repair from the Vista/W7 DVD.
Then, when you're happily booting through the MS bootmgr, delete the Fedora partition.
Next time you install Fedora tick the "advanced bootloader options" box and from the following screen, tell Fedora to install grub to the Fedora partition, not to the MBR.
That will keep the MS boot process intact, and you can use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build to add a Linux entry to the BCD. Note the advice in the sticky thread last point.