Uninstalling Windows 7 from a triple booting PC!!!

Ok, I have a PC with two hard drives partitioned in two each. On one partition I have windows XP, on the other one Vista, in the third I have windows 7, and in the last one just my files. I want to get rid of Windows 7 and use that partition to backup the other OS's using Norton Ghost. This might sound stupid but how do I uninstall Win 7, do I just format the partition from one of the other OS's? Is there a better method? I read that sometimes if you just erase the partition you could mess up the bootloader. Thanks for any help.

P.S. I have Easy BCD installed in Windows 7, I don't know if that even matters, because the bootloader has always worked itself out, since I installed the OS's in the following order:

1. XP
2. Vista
3. 7
Hi Casi, welcome to NST.
Check in "Disk Management" from Vista which partition is marked "system".
If that's not W7, you can just format the W7 partition directly.
In EasyBCD just delete the entry for W7 from the BCD, and thats all you need.

If however, W7 is "system", then you'll need to take steps to move the boot process across to Vista.

Post back in the latter case for more advice.
Thanks Terry, I actually figured this one out. All I did was:
I installed EasyBCD 1.7.2 in Vista, then I used it to erase the windows 7 entry. After that, I just used Easus Partition Manager to get rid of the partition and reclaim the space for my files.