Uninstalling XP pro w. sp2


Hey everybody,

I have just received my new laptop(WIHII
), and eager as i am I went strait to install XP pro. Eagerness often comes with a sense of stupidity
, and so, it turns out i had been installing a used OEM version, so the key was not accepted, and it didn't complete the installation. Ok fine i thought, until I discovered that every time i turn the laptop on it tries to install XP all over again. So my question is: Is there away to remove this installer, because I don't want to have it taking mb's of my hard drive and tapping on my other resources, assuming i am able to install another XP version?.

Hi DeHarly, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Is there anything on the laptop right now that you want to keep? Perhaps another OS, or some files?

If not, then just stick in your new XP version's CD in the drive, boot from it, and when asked to select the disk to use, format the existing partition then proceed with the install.

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