Unknow Disk (there is no disk in the specific size )


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Sorry if this post have been in other place, but i have a problem installing Windows XP pro on a gateway laptop. The laptop had windows Vista that i desintalled with Gpartion. but when i put the XP CD for install in the part that suppose to let me created the partion there is a message below that said. Unknow Disk ( there is no disk in the specific size) and when i hit ENTER for install the XP a error message appear and they machine just shutdown. if anyone know about this issue please help me. Thank you in advance.


EDIT: SOrry it said it Unknow Disk ( there is no disk in this drive)
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It seems you can come across what many have recently. Most new setups use SATA drives which XP does not have drivers for by default on it isntall CD.

So what you have to do is go to the manufacturer's website and get the SATA drivers and put them on a floppy disc or USB Drive. Then use the F6 to isntall 3rd party driver option at the beginning of the XP setup to make use of the drivers and your hard drive.