Unmatched Checksum



I have Window Vista, and right now my laptop is unable to load into window and restarts constantly. I've tried going into safe mode, but it can't.

It says that a file had corrupted and its header checksum does not match with the computed checksum.

I've downloaded the Window Vista Recovery Disc, but I'm not sure if I didn't burn it right or if it isn't working. It gets to DEFAULT and counting down 10 seconds, and then start counting down again without doing anything.

I have no idea how to fix this, please help!!
Do you see a "press any key to boot from CD" message ?
If not, your BIOS isn't set to select CD before HDD and is going straight to the broken OS, and you'll need to change the BIOS boot sequence first.
Yes I've the order, CD is above HD.
The CD starts, but stopps with a blue screen that says UNetbootin, then with only Default as an option and the following:

Loading /ubnkern..
Could not find ramdisk image:/ubninit


no 'press any key to boot from CD' though
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Sounds like you don't have a good burn.
Did you follow the download instructions.
The downloaded file is an ISO, and should not be processed in any way, just burned to disk with software that supports ISO burning. We recommend Imgburn because it works and it's free.
Do it like this
If you are seeing the download as a zipped file, it's a consequence of the way your system is configured.
Set your folder options like this and you should see it's a straight ISO