Unmountable boot volume

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well i know that i will be banned and kicked after this but its worth it. Because its not that often that I get a pair of dumbass just dumb enough to keep it real. You both dont know shit. Neither one of you had a ****ing clue what was going on. Guru cant think for shit and only knows how to read microsoft knownledge bases and pass them on, Mak you cant ****ing boy. Get some hooked on ****ing phonics, and quit sounding like whinney little bitches. Damn, grow up.


i feel great now
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Mak 2.0

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Really this is coming from someone who doesnt know how to use Google. Great way to make yourself feel better.

I do know how to read. Maybe it is you who doesnt know how to say something correctly. I have helped countless people on several forums. Have you? Oh wait you come by asking the questions you cant answer anything. Again great job there. Congrats. Two thumbs up for the person who cant use google or any even a question that is asked of him. Now be on your way little boy. I have bigger fish to fry and worry about then you. :tongueout:


Mostly Harmless
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Mak, don't bother.

When the very first post a member makes implies that he/she feels they're superior to the people providing the help then it is not worth bringing yourself to the same level.

Have a nice day, phatorbit. I'm afraid you'll have to find another forum the next time you want some help, though.
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