Unsure and need to be sure about this ...

First, i want to start by saying i got as far as option two in your instructions hear: http://neosmart.net/wiki/display/EBCD/Recovering+the+Windows+Bootloader+from+the+DVD
While i am a experienced Windows User i still have my moments of pure blondness, lol. I do not recall how it is i am to enter in the following:
bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force
There are two lines for the command prompt and i dont know how or if i should be entering them boath at once or not but i am stuck right at this point in the repair proscess.

I know full well there is going to need to be some "rebuilding" of the boot files, among many. My "Blond / lol" moment was caused by reversing the indexing option in windows that some how was on even tho it showed as off. I run Norton 360 Premire edition daily in automated ways and manualy scan once a week and nothing was found by it, i used CCleaner and it STILL did not get rid of one last file, the prefectch data. So i did by making a batch file from a text document. All an all i was trying to clean the PC up and get it running good and smooth again so i can actualy get my work done without having to wait 5-10 minuts for something to load. I can only give the details i recall at the moment for some one to be aible to properly help in this matter;

The P.C. is a Windows 7 Starter x32 bit os
The laptop/tablet (Not really sure what it is,) is Acer Aspire One
It has a 1GB RAM

Presently i am using the EasyBCD softwear on a USB drive with a copy of the purchased .ISO file as needed and everything in the instructions you provided have been followed to the letter up till now. Not sure how to proceed with this. The Blue Screen of Death wont go away, i never had as difficult a time as now in ridding it. I do not recall exactly what the error was but it said something like Unmountable Hard Drive and no the PC has NOT been droped or anything like that it stays on my desk cooled. I was also wondering if any one knew wear to buy hard drives for this PC? I cant find them presently. thanks.

Also thought worth mentioning: I noticed an option to dig into the troubled drive and manualy reclaim my files i may end up otherwise loosing as i have not lately done a much needed backup. it is in the proscess of copying the files present, i will be validating them after. I use a 1TB WD USB HDD for backups, soon to be a much larger corporate scale toy for private use, lol. There is a windows 7 starter image on there from when i first got the P.C.. If it is any use or not for this i am not exactly sure.
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Even though I am not a know it all and only play one on TV, I will say one thing I am pretty sure about command line is ....... when is come to executables, I think you want to enter them one at a time and wait till it loads and runs whatever sequence and spits out a 'finished', 'results' or 'error' if something didn't go as expected.
Usually when someone post two separate command line entries on separate lines (no matter if it is an executable or not), as you stated above and as shown in the tutorial page link, it implies hitting the enter key between the lines.

As for HDD's I don't know if you have some special laptop but from my experience on replacing them they are all pretty standarized 2.5" disks and the main thing you need to know is the hardware interface. IDE PATA, SATA, SATA 2, SATA 3. You can find them at most major online retailers.

Ok, thats good to know about the command line, i was not sure if i was mising some trick to putting a new line below the existing one i should know but can't see how you would do it like you hit enter and go to the next line or something. Its not made for that i thought. Thanks for confirming that, well step 2 as discribed originaly and as stated is failing then so far. I will have to post the step's taken and effect's hear when the current data recovery is compleate, likely tomarrow about now.

I am prety much facing the fact there may be a need for a new HDD in the future for some very frek/odd reason, trying this first. So i am to understand, no matter what kind of P.C. device it is as long as it is not 4X the size and as long as it meets the type requierments, (i.e.: S.A.T.A. III is my pet project with a Thecus Evo Server presently learning,) so treat similarly i assume. I never got a HDD that was not made exactly for what it is untill reacently.

"Special Computer" ... Not yet, in about 5 - 8 months for sure one of a kind. I am sick of P.C.'s as they are, however problem's do in fact persist between keyboard and char. lol. At least i am trying my best at it all, lol. :lol: Thank you.

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You may not need a new hard drive at all. The fact that you are able to copy files off the drive proves that it is there and connected. So the error you are getting is a serious one. The ISO you got most likely will not help you. Check the Acer website and see about restoring the netbook back to factory settings.
"The fact that you are able to copy files off the drive proves that it is there and connected" - Clearly and considered and why its so confusing also.
"So the error you are getting is a serious one" - Its stubborn but i have yet to reproduce it and must wait till the data rescue is compleate, if its verifyed functional then proceed further.
"Check the Acer website and see about restoring the netbook back to factory settings." - I have been looking into various things with Acer however that would by far defeate the purpose of this and advertised abilitys.

Simply put;
I think were jumping way to far ahead on simply going with the ol' factory restore. Allow me to compleate the data recovery then reproduce the error and post it hear exactly as it appears on my end. After that if you STILL can not help with this i think i am going to have issues with the softwear validity, ither it lives up to the ability or not. I am watching this post like a hawk presently, almost every hour peaking in on things just so you know and relize i am serious about all of this regardless of how stupid the question may seem or how imperfect my grammer may be. Please be paitent as i have thus far. It appears it is 75% done, that took all day so in a few more hours .... say 2 or 3 am it MIGHT be done anoff for me to reproduce those exact errors to post hear case sensitive like and go from there.

* I should also mention that i am in Pensylvania/U.S.A. so E.S.T. and it is currently 12:13 am at the moment and 81% compleat, the post above before this edit was about 2 or 3 hours ago. It takes 10 minuts
to reproduce the error in detail. Thanks for paitents, understanding and help thus far. I did not expect the data recovery to take this long nor did i know it was such an option originaly - regardless i am
watching hear still and doing my best.
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Ok hear is the update i promised, i was awake untill 6 am this morning doing all of this, i ran the "Auto Fix" one more time / a 5th or 6th time and it had a little better luck doing the job as i watched it closely while it ran. But it still did not fix it so i ran norton 360 premere edition's slightly similar program called Norton Bootable Recovery Tool that i almost forgot i had stashed away. After it ran it found no viruses or malware like objects and it restarted when it was done, i did not sit for several ours and watch the mind numbing proscess compleatly but did verify the information hear via the log file. When my computer restarted after that it MAGICLY logged into windows, at this point i am pulling all my data off the offencive machine one file or folder at a time. The first try at this it almost bluescreened again and did restart tho, so it was not a full on B.S.O.D.. Presently, copying files too big will do that, wich makes me think it may actualy be a virus hiding as well some how. If i can get this data off the PC, i will contact Notron team to do a thurough sweep of everything and likely use a tool for the B.S.O.D. info i have to figure out the cause with more detail than windows outright provides and tools to help fix it. Once all this has been compleated i am going to have to decide one of two options: system restore to a MUCH earlyer time or run the backup made from day one. I think i got thiis now however i want to tell everyone out there who are thinking about digging DEEP into learning how to manualy find the things in a PC that you can get rid of to speed it up or fix long drawn out program loads: BE EXTRA CAREFULL! I sent indexing in reverse and that was to the best of my understanding the cause of this, doing so can do damage to things like the gina.dll file among many anoff to do this if like files become unindexed manualy. Like i said, it was my stupidity and a learning experience for something i should have known better about.

I could have used something like system restore explorer to dig into a back up or use the manual copy but the manual copy can not contain 3 critical files i am sure some know what i mean, then i could have tryed to copy them back using the method i did for recovering that data last night.

- Thank's, Case closed.
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Simply put, no seeking to get the information from Acer to do a hard reset is not defeating the purpose and no where does it say that our tools can recover the system from a serious and fatal crash. It can recover from a BOOT FAILURE. Also it also states right within the first paragraph of the systemdiscs site:

Please note that we cannot guarantee these CDs will fix your PC.
So I fail to understand where you get this "advertised abilitys" cause I do not see it anywhere on our site where we say we can recover a system from a fatal crash. Can you please show me where this is stated? I would very much like to see where it is stated that we advertise that we can fix such a error.

Glad to hear that the system is working again, but I would still like to know where we state on either NeoSmart.net or our affiliate site systemdiscs.com where we advertise such things. If you seen that information elsewhere, that is not per us and that is that sites words, not ours.