Unusual Installation Dual Boot, Win-7 (first) and Win-XP (second via WHS Restore)


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Unusual Installation, I have not found a similar scenario to use to guide me through correcting my Dual Boot, Win-7 (first) and Win-XP (second via WHS Restore) scenario.

Please help me configure this dual boot scenario...Thank you

Acer IDE Notebook computer, 1 IDE hard Drive.

Original Hard Drive 80 GB 2 partitions
Partition 1 (Drive C)
My initial guess is that the install of XP on drive C:\ resulted in all pointers in the registry/shortcuts/etc point to drive C:\ and now that you have it on D:\ - everything is now in the wrong location and, therfore, cannot be found when you attempt to start XP.

Start over, install XP on C:\ - verify it starts; install Win7 on D:\ and it will identify things and create the dual-boot menu.