Update to "Changing the Vista Boot Drive Tips and Tricks article?


I need to move the boot manager from a drive with Vista to a drive with Win7. The article referenced in the title seems to explain how, but I noticed there is at least one change in the instructions that might be needed to update it for a Win7 migration:

From another article: If /vista is used with the fixmbr command, a Windows Vista MBR is written, if /win7 is used, a Windows 7 MBR is written instead of the default Win2000/XP/2003 MBR.

Should /win7 be used then instead of /vista if Win7 is the destination OS/drive?
Any other new considerations in order to update the article?
Any chance that version 2.0 eliminates the need for the manual process entirely?
Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for responding. I understand the latest beta version is win7 compatible, and it works fine. The three questions I asked are about how to use the tool to move the boot drive, and is the existing documentation regarding that task accurate for win7. Thanks again.

I am sure things will be updated as and when the developers and those helping to run the site are able.

People have real lives to lead, too. LOL.

I you are wishing to move your 7 boot drive right now, using /vista works perfectly well for 7 - use /win 7 if you prefer - I haven't tried the latter.

Eassybcd 2.0 is still beta - there are new tools for win 7 - that may be included in the final version.
xyth, EasyBCD doesn't currently support moving the BCD in an automated fashion. To do it manually copy bootmgr and the bcd folder to the drive you want them on and make sure that partition is active before doing anything with the source partition. If you reboot and can't get in use startup repair from Windows 7 DVD 2-3 times. Delete any non-working entries.
1. I found that just marking the 7 partition Active, then running startup repair from the 7 dvd 3 times does the job. ( If a different HD - make sure it is the first HD in Bios HD boot order)

2. I also found that copying bootmgr and boot folder to 7 partition ( skip copying bcd when it says it is in use - copy the rest)

Then open Easybcd Power Console, and type:

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} device boot
bcdedit /export D:\Boot\bcd

If it is on different HD also type:

mbrfix.exe /drive 0 fixmbr /vista /yes

(Assuming D is the 7 partition and it is drive 0 - if not, replace with correct letter and number ). Then make sure 7 partition is Active and the 7 HD is first in the Bios HD boot order.

Method 1. is a lot easier - tho. not quicker.

[There is also the new 7 version of bootsect.exe , with a /mbr parameter, and the very useful bcdboot.exe

Both seem to run perfectly from pretty much anywhere on an nt6 o/s and reduce the number of commands needed. e.g.:

bcdboot c:\windows /s d:

bootsect /nt60 d: /mbr ]
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