upgrading from vista boot pro software

For those wishing to switch from Vista Boot Pro to EasyBCD, what is the best way?

Uninstall Vista Boot Pro and then install EasyBCD? My concern is that it will obliterate my boot configuration and I wont be able to get into windows. Suggestions?:wtf:
It shouldnt obliterate your boot configuration since there are just tools to work with the BCD and not the BCD itself. That is something else totally.

You should be able to do just what you are thinking and uninstall VBP and install EasyBCD.
EasyBCD is 100% compatible with configurations made using VistaBootPRO. They're both technically using the same software I wrote, and as such, you have nothing to worry about and everything to gain by making the switch to EasyBCD.

Good luck! :smile:
I didnt realize you wrote it; What happened with VistaBootPro? I read somewhere on this site that they reverse engineered their software, essentially stealing yours. Is this true?