Upgrading hard drive, cloning triple boot

This is how my system was:
Triple boot with windows 7, win xp and win MCE2005
It was working fine. On the OS slecetion screen, i have option 1 Windows 7, Option 2 Earlier version of windows.
When i get the OS selection screen i choose "earlier version of windows", then it gave me a second similar window, which let me choose between 1. Windows Media Center and 2. Windows XP Professional
drive c is win 7. drive f is win xp pro. drive G is win MCE2005.
Like I said, it worked flawlessly.

Now I needed to upgrade to bigger hard drive. So I clone using sector by sector with paragon parition Manager 9.5

When the clone was complete I was not there (overnight) , so I guess it rebooted on its own back to the default OS, which is MCE

i shut down, removed the smaller original hard drive and put the new hard drive in its place. Booted and got the dreaded ntldr is missing message. I booted to the win 7 dvd and "repair" and after a couple of clicks, rebooted and got win7 to boot, but cannot boot to mce or xp pro. I copied ntldr and ntdetect.com from windows xp pro sp2 cd to the root of both F and G drive.

I rebooted and now didn't get the ntldr missing message anymore. But now, when i select mce2005 it starts to boot, but hang at the blue intro windows screen with no errors but does not past this point.

Please help.


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So is this my understanding:

either reclone and just make sure I shut down and don't let it reboot after clone and remove the old drive.

or find myslef a win98 boot disk and do fdisk /mbr
except I don't have a floppy drive or win98 bootdisk!


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you could try booting from the XP CD and carrying out a repair install.


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Glad to hear it. You're most welcome :smile: