Upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10 killed triple boot

I have tried to sort this out by myself however after reading the Forum I am still struggling.

My computer is set up as triple boot: Vista 64, XP and Ubuntu. After upgrading Ubuntu from 9.04 to 9.10, I cannot boot into Ubuntu anmore, system dumps me to a grub command prompt. During the upgrade I had elected to keep my menu.lst file. Also, grub is installed on the linux partition. I understand vers 10 switched to grub2, but I cannot see in EasyBCD how to adjust the settings.

What do I need to change?

Thank you
Hi miraculix, welcome to NST.
If you upgraded and elected to keep menu.lst, then you're still using grub 1 as far as I know.
Try typing "boot" at the grub prompt then hitting "esc" at the next prompt.
One of the Linux boys will probably advise on how to edit your menu.lst once you've got into 9.10
You could try deleting and re-adding the Linux entry in EasyBCD 2.0. Don't bother selecting the Grub2 option, seeing as it sounds like you kept Grub1. Make sure to select the correct partition in the Device drop-down menu.
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Terry60, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, didn't work. Get the error message: "need to load kernel first". Sounds like based on the original menu.lst, the system trys and fails to load the 9.04 version kernel. Do I need to start over from scratch? Is there a recipe for installing 9.10 using EasyBCD for multi-boot control?