Upgrading Vista to W7 on dual boot system

saphire 199

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Hi guys,

I have dual boot Vista/XP Pro on same drive. I am going to upgrade Vista to W7. Still want to keep XP. I've backed up all my files on XP and Vista. Now ready to upgrade and want to make sure before I go that sequence is correct:
1. copy 3 XP "boot" files to external drive, just in case?
2. upgrade to W7.
3. download latest of EasyBCD
4. Run Easy BCD, letting auto config do it's thing.
That should be as simple as it is, right?

Saphire 199
You shouldn't need to do anything. W7 should find and keep the dual-boot status.
1) shouldn't be needed anyway, auto-configure will create the files out of thin air if it's needed at all.