Upon Vista startup Windows Appliciation Error Msg 0x800106ba

Last week I received my new Dell laptop with Windows Vista and McAfee Anti-virus pre-loaded. After a few reboots I was confronted with a Windows Defender application error pop-up window “0x800106ba” and another window that stated “Could not find Start up.log” The error came up every time I started the computer or rebooted. [FONT=&quot]Windows Defender and McAfee Anti-virus cannot be run at the same time.[/FONT][FONT=&quot] [/FONT] The solution was to disable Windows Defender.
Open Windows Help and Support and type <Start up> in the Search Box. Vista help will list 30 search parameters. Select: Run Selective Start up using System Configuration. Windows Vista will open selective start up displaying the System Configuration pop up window. Select the “Start up” tab and scroll down to the “Windows Defender” check box and remove the check. Click OK and reboot the computer. This disables Windows Defender at start up. No error message will appear and the McAffe program will run as intended.
When your free McAfee period expires, replace it with AVG or another free AV that will run happily with Defender.