URGENT: EasyRE booting to GRUB

Tried using Windows 10 factory reset to wipe my personal details after selling my laptop, but it froze at 9%. After restarting the computer I couldn't boot to windows, even in safe mode. I get to the MSI logo, then the laptop restarts on a loop.

Bought EasyRE in hope of a quick fix, but so far hasn't helped at all. Used another PC to create a USB boot disk with RUFUS with the EasyRE.iso. However I all I get when booting (in Legacy) is a command prompt for something called GRUB (which I have never heard of) and the error "symbol grub_isprint not found"

How do I get this USB to boot into this recovery software correctly (or fix my original error)



Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Hi Oliver,

Glad you got to boot into EasyRE - for future reference, Rufus does _not_ support EasyRE at all, and will always boot only to Grub. Our free Easy USB Creator utility is the way to go.

What's your RAID chipset? Is this fakeraid (the integrated motherboard RAID) or a standalone RAID card? EasyRE supports most standalone cards and Intel fakeraid in RAID0.