Urgent Help Please :(


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So yea guys , i have a computer(desktop) which currently cant be use . Now , i have got a Recovery Disc which is Window Vista Home Premium ! So , i put in the disc in my computer , it started all and when it comes for the install windows menu to pop out , it didn't pop out and it shows there Please Wait... Can anybody tell me wats the problem and wat can i do to make the recovery goes smoothly and alright ? Please Help ~ :frowning:
You cannot use the "Install" button from a repair disc. There are no installation files, just sufficient tools to fix a broken boot.
That's why it fits easily onto a CD, whereas a Vista/7 installation needs a DVD.
If you want to reinstall Windows you need to use your Vista DVD if you created your own PC, or the OEM's recovery partition if you bought a PC with Windows pre-installed. Your PC's user guide should give instructions.
You can use the repair disc to access system restore and go back to a restore point from before your problem started if there's one available.