URGENT - Mouse Freezing when load the EasyRE disk – Windows 8



I am having issues with EasyRE, when the first screen loadsmy mouse is frozen (I have tried over and over) so I cannot pick any of theoptions in the interface and cannot use the program.

My original issue is the “Automatic Repair” loop in windows loading

Someone in the forums said to contact them, so I also emailedthis to easyre@neosmart.net(as apparently I may need a different version or the software for differentconfiguration etc)

I never could get the EasyRE disk to load at bootup (changedthe boot loader priority to CD/DVD / believe I burned the ISO image to CD correctly,using NERO etc, but not sure) but I managed to get the program to run in theblue screen options: Advanced Options -> Use a Device -> UEFI: hp DVD RWAD-7290H
It would go to a black screen for awhile, then a bunch oftext would scroll down screen, then the EasyRE main interface page wouldappear, but my mouse is frozen (repeated few times)

HP Envy (Desktop) – model 1423 (I think)
Windows 8 (64 bit- i think, haslike 8 gigs of ram) – came loaded on machine
Just over 1 year old

I purchased EasyRE today

After I had been trying for days to get this computerrunning, and surely you hear this alot, but it is crucial I get it runningASAP, as there are programs / files / settings on there I need for work and amalready way behind.

Any help would be much appreciated