USB boot to Install Windows 7 wants CD/DVD Driver


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Hello! I just found EasyBCD while looking for a method of installing Windows 7 from a USB key. I created my BCD using EasyBCD 2.1.1 Beta - Build 148.exe. I have added several bootable ISO images to the disk - namely, UBCD and the Windows 7 Professional installation ISO which I downloaded from Microsoft (I have the actual valid license keys too). Now, creating the boot disk is no trouble. The USB key (Corsair GT Voyager) will boot with any of the ISO images - no problem.

My problem is that when I boot with the Windows 7 installer, the ISO runs like it should, but then it tells me that I need a CD/DVD driver. The installer gives me a browse dialogue and wants me to find a driver. I assume the installer wants a driver for the USB disk.

I have seen two other threads to this effect, but neither one was resolved. I am adding my third one here, in hopes that someone has an answer.
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I also followed what was said here, as suggested in one of the above threads, to no avail.
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What can I do, besides burning to a DVD?


Okay, I tried it all over again. I reformatted the disk (this time with compression enabled), added the ISO of the Win7 installer, then ran EasyBCD on the USB drive. I get the boot menu, and when I choose the installer, now I get a grub4dos commandline! What do I do with that? Shouldn't I get the Window 7 installer, like before?


Well, I suppose there isn't anyone out there right now... Anyway, I have three ISO images set in my boot menu. When I choose the first one, the second one loads instead! When I choose the second entry, the third item loads. The menu doesn't choose correctly. I have reformatted the USB disk three times and reapplied settings 3 times, and each time the problem remains. So I set the first item to default. I think the menu problem happens if the first item is not the default item - it seems to make the default item "first" in the list, somehow.

Okay, so now I can start the right item - the Windows 7 installation ISO. It only give me, now, "Starting cmain()..." and then freezes. The only thing to do is kill the power... This is a painful process.


Okay, I gave up on using EasyBCD as a boot disk to install Windows7. So I gave one more try to use it as an IT tool. First I reformatted my USB disk with HP Disk Utility, then I used EasyBCD to add the BCD to the disk, then I added to the USB disk, memtest and UBCD. I changed the setting to "wait for user input" for the reboot sequence. Then I restarted the computer. I went to choose the boot device as USB, then the new EasyBCD boot menu appeared. I chose the first entry in the list, UBCD and then all I got was "Starting cmain()..." and that's it. It froze. So I restarted normally (I am doing this in Vista), and went back to EasyBCD (2.1), and chose "Write MBR", and restarting. Now in the new boot menu, I choose UBCD again, and it launches normally. So I rebooted and chose memtest. Now I get "Starting cmain()..." again, and its frozen.

If anyone has a clue to all of this, I am willing to try again, otherwise, I will go back to dumb old cd discs.
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ISO emulation never works that great with Windows discs, you're best using MS' USB installer as recommended.