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I have followed all the instructions on the easyRE page. I bought the home version of Windows 8 for my laptop, and changed the BIOS thing so that it boots from the device, as stated in the intructions. I made the USB through the website's USB creator, followed instructions from there and everything. But it wont boot on my laptop. Anyone know what I can do to make it work? I have a CD made, but it has no disk reader installed. Would it just be easier to buy an external disk reader instead of using the USB?


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On newer computers and laptops (especially those running Windows 8), there are two settings that are sometimes enforced by the manufacturer that can prevent you from booting from a recovery CD/USB.

These only affect UEFI/EFI computers; and you'll need to both make sure that Secure Boot is disabled and that Legacy Boot is enabled. We have guides on doing both, please refer to our knowledgebase articles on disabling Secure Boot and enabling Legacy Boot to set up your system to boot from recovery media.
I too am having a similar problem. Have downloaded the 64bit EasyRE and put BIOS in Legacy mode.

1. Burned ISO CD using IMGBurn. Used several types of CD/DVD's.

2. Booted up in Legacy. Secure boot does nothing.
3. Got progressive bars showing "Loading Files"
4. Loading completed and then there were 13-14 small, blue rectangles displayed in

upper left of screen for a few moments.
5. The rectangles disappeared and after a few moments the PC powered down.
I tried this in 8.0 & 8.1 and same results--PC always shut down at the same point.

Any and all assistance much appreciated.


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