USB Disk Recovery


Hey everyone i'm a newby and was attempting to following along to "Type 1" solution from this page Recovering the Vista Bootloader with EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

I was going to use my USB drive for booting and forgot that I had a bunch of files already on there. I chose the USB drive in the drop down and clicked "Install BCD" then "Write MBR." I attempted to boot my other computer that is having the boot problems and it didnt work. I now want to see if I can recover the documents from my usb and uninstall the EasyBCD so I can use it like normal again (it only loads like a driver now instead of a hard drive where I can browse my files). Please help, thank you.

Try telling that to my poor USB stick. Those are the only two options I clicked on and one of them formatted my USB so that I can no longer browse my files, only run it like its trying to install a program.
I don't understand what you mean by that, Hansen.. "Run it like its trying to install a program"

Can you take a screenshot of disk management?