USB ports that work on Windows 7 do not work on Windows XP

Hello there,

Recently I used Easy BCD to perform a dual boot of Windows 7 and XP in a single hard drive. Everything is ok when booting to Windows 7, but once the computer boots into Windows XP (it also happens within the Windows XP loading screen), some of the USB rear ports do not work as they should :angry::angry::angry:. For example, if I plug a USB stick, it can be read on some (yep, some!) of the USB rear ports, but if I plug a USB keyboard, or a wireless receiver USB stick, or a webcam, they do not work at all. I have detected that these USB devices receive power once they are plugged in, but they lose it immediately, leaving them useless in XP... Funny thing is that the two USB front ports work flawlessly, and not to mention that all USB ports work well in Windows 7.

Reinstalling the USB drivers from the mobo CD in Windows XP does not help at all. Legacy USB is ON in the BIOS settings... any other suggestion you guys can give?? Really tired of plugging and unplugging USB devices when switching between XP and 7!!!:rage:


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Are all of the rear USB ports on the mobo, or do you have a PCI card providing extra ?