Hello! I have a Windows 7 drive and an XP drive dual-booted with EasyBCD v2.1. I added an external USB drive with

Mepis 11 Linux installed. [Mepis is a Debian distro like Ubuntu.] I wanted to add this to the boot list. I followed

Neosmart instructions and installed GRUB to "root" (the only other option allowed by Mepis) rather than MBR. I

added the drive as "Drive 2, partition 1", which is correct. When I restarted, Mepis was in the list so I selected

it and entered. But, instead of loading, I got a command screen displaying the " grub>" prompt. Whether I select

"GRUB Legacy" or "Grub2" in the Add New Entry page, the result is similar: either a "grub>" prompt or "GRUB _"

(followed by a flashing cursor). The process hangs right there. Will EasyBCD not work with USB drives, or is there

a special proceedure I need to follow? Thanks!
It depend on your PC, in particular your motherboard and BIOS. Of you have an option called legacy USB in the BIOS, it needs to be enabled. If you don't have that option, then you're out of luck.
Thank you. This is what I see in BIOS:
Legacy USB Controller: ON
Legacy USB Emulation: ON

Boot Sequence:
1. USB Device
3. Hard Drive
If it's still not working then your motherboard/bios just isn't compatible with basic USB handoff in real-mode.