Usb stick: Windows 7 Recovery Disc 64-Bit (x64) Edition

Hi Remy,

EasyBCD 2.0 -> External Devices
Select the USB drive from the drop-down and press "Prepare Disk"

Then copy the ISO to the USB, go to EasyBCD -> External Devices -> ISO Boot and select the ISO image.

You MAY need to go to "Change Settings" and change the drive for the ISO entry to "BOOT"
ahhhh, i always somehow miss those titles. >.<

I need to add "Force Boot Device" to the ISO entry settings same as the option in the WinPE and VHD entries so that [You MAY need to go to "Change Settings" and change the drive for the ISO entry to "BOOT"] will no longer be necessary.
Change setting ISO entry to boot.


Changing setting to boot made it work, not without.

Have not tested the new forced function.

Best regards.
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Yes. Instead of looking for a file or OS on the drive specified in EasyBCD, it will look for it on whatever partition you are booting from. Useful for external bootable media (CD, external HD, USB sticks, etc.) because the partition ID is not consistent across different machines. This way we can always find the files :smile:
I tried doing this and yet I still cannot boot my windows 7 pc to repair it. I have the 32-bit ISO which is the one I need and I followed the steps outlined above but it will not boot.


Is there something else I need to do to make the ISO image bootable? :wtf: I have it on the usb stick and have done all the steps mentioned above to make the usb drive bootable but every time it says windows failed to start and cites a recent hardware or software change could be the cause. Do I need to extract the files from the iso then put them on the disk? Thank you guys for the help. I do not know what I would do without people like you.
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Is there a menu.lst file on the disk?

If its grub-legacy it should look like this:

title Windows 7 Repair
find --set-root /Win7.iso
map /Win7.iso (hd32)
map --hook
chainloader (hd32)+1
How would I check to see if this file is on the disk? Would I check when the computer tries to boot from it or look in windows explorer?


When I try to boot with it on the windows 7 pc it doesn't even show the option to boot from the win 7 repair disk. But when I do it on a vista pc I can see that option when trying to boot from it. IS it a problem with my other pc or what?
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Yes I do. I can also choose to select it from the boot device selection menu by pressing esc. The only time I get the error message is when I try to boot from the usb drive. When I try to boot from the hdd I only get a blank screen. part of the error message says Status: 0xc000000e and Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt. But when I try to boot with this usb device from the vista computer I made it on it doesn't have this error message.


Well I found a way to get those files out of the iso and onto the flash drive. So now the computer can boot from that but I still cannot get it to repair the installation of windows 7. I do not know what to do.
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When it boots from the USB drive the windows 7 recovery stuff comes up. I say to repair the startup and it checks for problems then it says that no problems were found or else it says to click finish to restart now and says that it fixed it or something and yet when I boot up normally then all I get is a blank screen after the asus splash screen. It just seems to stop everything there. Not even the hard disk light lights up. But the computer is still on.
Did you boot it and run "startup repair" three times ?
(it can only fix one thing per pass and there are possibly several missing parts to a failing boot)
If, after that, the OS is still not booting, boot the USB stick again, but instead of "startup repair", use "command prompt" to run a chkdsk /r against your OS partition. (it takes a while).
Then try the startup repair sequence(s) again.