Use EasyBCD without Vista?


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I would like to use EasyBCD to make a triple boot system, WinXP, OSX86, Ubuntu.
Can I use EasyBCD without Vista and Vista Bootloader? Can I install Vista Bootloader without Vista?
Hi Alan, welcome to NST.
The short answer is no.
EasyBCD is a GUI for the Vista BCDedit command line utility.
Without Vista's bootmgr and BCD, it has no function.
You can install the Vista bootloader on another OS, if you own a legal copy. It's all in the wiki.
We don't give advice on how to pirate software.
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Terry is right. Cant use the VISTA bootloader without VISTA. Kinda defeates the purpose of calling it the VISTA bootloader if you could use it without VISTA.

Yeah so you will jsut have to use GRUB, Darwin and the XP Bootloader for that. Sorry.
Use grub or ntldr as the primary since they are easier to configure. Grub's probably the best choice to start first. Install OSX, XP, and then Ubuntu. Then you'll just need to add a entry to menu.lst to point to OS X"s partition and chainload Darwin.