Used vista recovery disc, still getting boot loop


I have a Sony Vaio that was unplugged (no battery backup), once plugged back in just went to the Windows boot loop. I've tried restarting in every mode with no luck.

Also used the vista recovery disc and tried all 3 options, nothing works. Please help!
It goes to the Sony Vaio screen then the Windows boot screen with the options to boot in Safe mode, Last Known Configuration, or start Windows normally. No matter what option is picked it shows Microsoft with a green bar loading, then goes to a black screen with cursor. Then it reboots and goes back to the Vaio screen, it's like one continuous loop.
Generally if it reboots automatically that means that there's a BSoD happening.

At that screen with the startup options, you should try selecting "Disable Automatic Restart" and see what happens.
If you turn off automatic restart, it can't keep rebooting. It stops at the first BSOD and you can examine the stop code to determine the cause of your problem.
I've gone into the Advanced Boot Options and selected Disable Windows Automatic Restart, but even after I've done that it will still go to the Windows Error Recovery screen and reboot itself.

I also have not seen any stop codes.
OK, have you tried system restore?

Wait.... how were you able to get into advanced boot options in EasyBCD?????
Finally! System restore worked this time. I had done it previously with no results, this time went back further and there was a Recover option! Thank you so much!