Useless hibernation


For example, if I want to stop working in Vista, and get out to play some game, or make some other thing in XP or Linux, I can't use hibernation feature because computer jumps directly onto Vista, or the hibernated os without prompting, and without stopping in the bootloader.
This makes the hibernation option unusable, or at least, kinda useless.
Could this be fixed, or does it exist some kind of workaround for this?

:smile:Thanks for your time.
Hibernation is not meant to take you to the boot selector screen. It is meant as a deep sleep for the current OS in use and to bring you back to that OS when you "wake" the PC up. This is a misconception as to what hibernation is. Not a fault of the OS.
:shame:Oh, I'm so sorry. I forgot that thread. I think it would be a good idea to include such option of "restore from hibernation". Thanks for your answer.